What we do

PROteuS consortium will develop a Cluster focusing on Maritime Surveillance and covering the participating MED countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus).

The MED MS Cluster will be composed by National key actors dedicated to research, development and innovation linked to Maritime Surveillance (SMEs-Technology providers, Researchers/RTOs/startups/spin-offs/entrepreneurs, Policy makers, Large firms, users) fostering among them linkages in order to increase their innovation capacity.

The project aims at creating a “Cluster of Clusters” concept, meaning that the Cluster will be composed by National Nodes operating in 6 countries.

CCIAA DL (IT), CCSEV (ES), TVT / PMM-TVT (FR), PPA (GR), Ualg (PT), Mar.In.E.M. (CY) will be the operators of the National Nodes that will act as the antennas of the MED MS Cluster. Each Node will consist of 30 members that will receive a mix of services targeting the:

-         Enhancement of members' capacities

-         Support in International Trade and Funding Opportunities

-         Promotion of Cooperation to enhance Internationalization

The Nodes will cooperate and exchange through the operation of the MED MS Cluster.


Exploration of market opportunities:

-         Collection & evaluation of technologies, products, services, ideas

-         Identification of market opportunities

-         Receive support for the elaboration of a business plan

Enhancement of members' capacities:

-         Technical seminar focusing on  latest development in Maritime Surveillance

-        Capacity Building seminar on the exploitation of research results/ stimulation of technology  transfer from research to industry

-         Technical seminars on the elaboration of business & exploitation plans

-         Receive coaching services on basic business skills

Support in International Trade and Funding Opportunities:

-         Access to MS Platform Market place/ Offer – Demand and matching service

-         International event on Funding opportunities

Promotion of Cooperation to enhance Internationalization:

-         International Exchange of Maritime Surveillance expertise