Who we are

The Chamber of Commerce has wide and proven experience in European project management and communication. Since 2000, it has been taking part to numerous projects covering a variety of topics as Lead Partner and Project Partner. The Chamber possesses excellent expertise in the field, as weel as a wide and consolidated network of local and international partners.francesca.zotti@remove-this.dl.camcom.it
University of the Aegean (UoA) is conducting considerable research in the fields of Maritime Surveillance and Maritime Business Models. As an educational and scientific organization, UoA aims to bring together considerable experience in the above fields to maritime industries supporting the PROteuS cluster set up.nnik@remove-this.aegean.gr
Mar.In.E.M, acting as a Maritime Surveillance expert, has methodological background on Cluster Framework and broad scope of activities in Blue Growth, experienced through the elaboration of a number of Project in Maritime sector.menelaos.demetriou@remove-this.marinem.org
Valenciaport Foundation has a great interest in Maritime Surveillance, as it is one of the main concern both of the Port Authority, the main trustee of Valenciaport Foundation. In fact, Valenciaport Foundation has been very active in safety and security projects in the recent years since they have participated in many EU projects.atorregrosa@remove-this.fundacion.valenciaport.com
The Chamber of Commerce of Seville (CCSEV) is a non-profit Public Corporation established by Law as an advisory body to collaborate with Public Authorities, representing the general interest of regional companies. CCSEV coordinates SMEs & enterprises belonging in its network, promoting services such as internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship in close collaboration with the Regional Government of Andalusia.pablo.morales@remove-this.camaradesevilla.com
Pole Mer Méditerranée (PMM-TVT) is the unique French MED Sea Cluster operating in maritime safety & surveillance across regions and stakeholders to promote the creation of innovative solutions. PMM-TVT's location close to European largest Mediterranean military port facilitates beneficial business returns which are crucial for testing & evaluation of future technologies.ruel@remove-this.polemermediterranee.com
Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) is one of the largest in the world concerning passenger traffic. PPA has specialized units implementing studies and analyses and gathering data on maritime surveillance and safety. Its skills and competence include strategic development, testing and implementation of actions in the maritime industry.dspyrou@remove-this.olp.gr
The scientific contribution of University of Algarve (UAlg) is developed around four main areas, research activities in Marine Science being the most important in terms od scientific outputs. UAlg focuses also in knowledge & technology transfer & communication activities.emcristo@remove-this.ualg.pt
Liguria Ricerche inherited the 30 years experience of the Ligurian Institute of Economic & Social Research, technically and scientifically supporting Liguria Region with studies, analysis and projects in various fields: harbours, logistics, maritime safety & security, innovation, maritime clusters etc.riccardo.podesta@remove-this.liguriaricerche.it